About Us

           MİPSAN MOPED BİSİKLET began to produceto BİSAN BİSİKLET factory in 1985. Also in same year, It began to produce spare parts on the market. From 1987 to 1997, It produced  various plate parts to BMC firm.

            After buying a vertical process center, It changed over mold sector in 1998. It began to produce much more spare parts by making various molds. Serious works in this area have still been continued.

           Mipsan Moped Bisiklet serves with MPM brand. In addition, It exports to North African countries.

            All equipment, design and application being necessary for production are made in our center by our expert team. We produce plate parts for each sector by using presses in various tonnage. Also we have capacity of making plate and plastic injection molds using cad/cam programs.

          Our goal is to achive our quality policy, follow new technology, have quality and flawless labor, deliver products accurately in time, provide customer satisfaction.